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GARNet, the Genomic Arabidopsis Resource Network, was created to establish UK-based facilities for genomics research on Arabidopsis thaliana. GARNet is intended to function as a platform for international Arabidopsis research.


GARNet is part of the BBSRC Investigating Gene Function (IGF) initiative and aims to create (inter)national facilities of genomics resources for Arabidopsis and other plant research.


As part of the GARNet programme, Rothamsted Research provides the Metabolite Profiling service to the Arabidopsis thaliana research community.

In the first three years of operation the GARNet service was free. Results of the projects carried out in that time are available on the current progress page.

The project is now operating on a cost recovery basis and applications GARNet analyses can now be made through this website. Enquiries / Applications for costings can be made using the link below. In addition, progress on all GARNet applications can be viewed together with reports of completed GARNet applications.