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The National Centre for Plant and Microbial Metabolomics, directed by Professor Mike Beale and managed by Dr Jane Ward is part of the Plant Science Department at Rothamsted Research.



The Centre is a joint venture of Rothamsted Research and the Biotechnology and Biological Research Council (BBSRC), and is a leading UK facility for research and service activity in plant and microbial metabolomics. It is located in the new Centenary Building on the Rothamsted campus, where state-of-the-art analytical chemistry, bioinformatic, microbiological and molecular biology resources appropriate to the Centre’s needs are housed in a purpose-built laboratory complex.


The Centre is the lead partner in the recently BBSRC-funded project to establish the MeT-RO metabolomics service to the UK plant and microbial community. In addition to MeT-RO, the centre also runs the GARNet Arabidopsis thaliana metabolite profiling service.

The facilities available in the Centre consist of a modern suite of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectroscopy (MS) laboratories, staffed by experienced spectroscopists, with access to extensive resources in analytical chemistry and growth of plants in controlled environment. The Centre undertakes research in metabolomics and provides services for the comprehensive chemical and informatic analysis of plant and microbial metabolites.


Contact Details:


 Centre Director

 Professor Mike Beale

 Tel: +44 (0) 1582 763133 ext2125



 Centre Manager

 Dr Jane Ward

Tel: +44 (0) 1582 763133 ext2845



National Centre for Plant and Microbial Metabolomics

Rothamsted Research

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