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The following represents a selection of our recent publications relevant to the field of metabolomics.


  • John M. Baker, Nathaniel D. Hawkins, Jane L. Ward, Alison Lovegrove, Johnathan A. Napier, Peter R. Shewry and Michael H. Beale (2006)* A metabolomic study of substantial equivalence of field-grown GM wheat. Plant Biotechnology Journal 4(4), 381-392


  • Sandra J. Hey, Stephen J. Powers, Michael H. Beale, Nathaniel D Hawkins, Jane L. Ward and Nigel G. Halford. (2006) Enhanced seed phytosterol accumulation through expression of a modified HMG-CoA reductase. Plant Biotechnology Journal. 4, 219-229


  • Paul Chilley, Stuart Casson, Petr Tarkowski, Nathan Hawkins, Kevin Wang, Patrick Hussey, Mike Beale, Göran Sandberg and Keith Lindsey. The POLARIS peptide of Arabidopsis regulates auxin transport and root growth via effects on ethylene signalling. (2006). Plant Cell,


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  • Rasha El-Kassas, Zaharaa Karam El-Din, Michael H. Beale, Jane L. Ward and Richard N. Strange. (2005) Bioassay-led identification of Myrothecium verrucaria and verrucarrin A as germination inhibitors of Orobanche crenata. Weed Research, 45, 211-219


  • Borner GHH, Sherrier DJ, Weimar T, Michaelson LV, Hawkins ND, MacAskill A, Napier JA, Beale MH, Lilley KS, Dupree P (2005) Analysis of detergent-resistant membranes in Arabidopsis. Evidence for plasma membrane lipid rafts Plant Physiology 137 (1): 104-116


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·         Cooper, R.M., Resende, M.L.V, Flood, J., Rowan M.G, Beale. M.H. and Potter, U., (1996) Detection and Cellular Location of Elemental Sulphur in Disease-resistant Genotypes of Threobroma cacao., Nature, 379, 159-162


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